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Jazz band


Vintage style art from the jazz age

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I'm a cartoon artist, based in Crystal Palace in South London. I'm also an actor but when I'm not on stage, I work full time as an artist and children's book illustrator and writer.

I love old art deco style art posters, especially from the 1920's. I have a lot of fun with my pictures, capturing musicians, sports players, people just having fun.


It all started with the jazz musicians. I was inspired by legendary stars like Robert Johnson, Miles Davies, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday. Cuban Percussionists like Jack Costanzo, Carlos "Patato" Valdes and  Frank “Machito” Grillo, all had such an amazing physical poise when they played I thought I would to try and capture it as best I can. 


I've since moved onto sports players, drinkers and dancers.


I originally used watercolour on tea stained paper to achieve that vintage look. I also work to commission and have produced original artwork in similar styles on various scales, from A5 through to six foot wide.


I sell my vintage style cartoons at Grand Ole Art, my Etsy shop. Come and take a look...


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Here's a few pictures to check out. Each has a link to buy. To see my full range visit my store on Etsy .

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Robert Stocks


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